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Exposing the Bush Propaganda Machine
Thursday, April 20, 2006

America's Ministry of Propaganda Exposed

Stop Bush Administration Pay-Offs To Journalists

The Bush administration has become addicted to taxpayer-funded, "fake news" propaganda - it's time for an intervention ....

*Fake News
*Where Are All the Resignations of Editors Who Ran Bush Propaganda?

A Strategy of Lies: How the White House
Fed the Public a Steady Diet of Falsehoods

Bush administration officials are probably having second thoughts about their decision to play hardball with former US Ambassador Joseph Wilson. Joe Wilson is a contender. When you play hardball with Joe, you better be prepared to deal with some serious rebound.

After Wilson wrote a critically timed New York Times essay exposing as false George W. Bush's claim that Iraq had purchased uranium from Niger, high officials in the White House contacted several Washington reporters and leaked the news that Wilson's wife was a CIA agent ....

*Bush disinformation machine1

Transforming Language to Market the 'Big Lie'

Renaming the Iraqi defenders "terrorists" appears to have been part of the strategic influence campaign since it served to connect the Iraqi fighters with "one of the major themes of Gulf II -- Iraq = terrorist = 9/11." ....

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

*Bush disinformation machine2

Targeting Critics, Spreading Lies, and PSYOPS

The tools of strategic influence were not only wielded against Saddam Hussein, they were also turned against foreign allies and domestic critics who dared to question Bush's agenda. The French were among the first to feel the sting of these attacks ....

*Bush disinformation machine3

Black Programs and the Future of Propaganda

The falsehoods about Iraq's alleged attempt to purchase African uranium turned out to be based on a forged document. Gardiner wonders why no one in the administration is asking who forged the document? Who stood to gain from this unconscionable act of "creating evidence"? Gardiner believes that the American people have "a need to know." ....

*Bush disinformation machine4

America’s cultural delusions are a grotesque imbalance between fantasy and reality, and a danger to us all as propelled by its power, mythology and paranoia.

As the US continues to pursue its dream of empire through recent wars in Iraq and elsewhere, we have seen the dark side of this dream to be death, suffering, perpetual fear, an increasing divide between rich and poor, a squandering of the human future, and the relentless building of more and more pretexts for future wars.

Propaganda and Disinformation:
How the CIA Manufactures History

The CIA is a master at distorting history -- even creating its own version of history to suit its institutional and operational purposes. It can do this largely because of two great advantages it possesses. One is the excessively secret environment in which it operates, and the other is that it is essentially a private instrument of the presidency....

*the American Propaganda Machine

This is as much the Disinformation Age as the Information Age. The words pouring out of books, newspapers, televisions, movie screens, loudspeakers, and videos come to us corrupted at the source--mere unbolstered opinion passing as information ....

*The Disinformation Age

Operation American Repression?

An Army officer in Iraq who wrote a highly critical article on the administration's conduct of the war is being investigated for disloyalty -- if charged and convicted, he could get 20 years ....

*Operation American Repression

Texas Under Bush Statistics
(fact not propaganda)

1st in poorest counties(3)
3rd in % of people in hunger ....

*Texas Ranks Under Governor GWBush

WASHINGTON — Federal investigators are scrutinizing television segments in which the Bush administration paid people to pose as journalists praising the benefits of the new Medicare law, which would be offered to help elderly Americans with the costs of their prescription medicines.

*journalists for bogus TV news segments

Other References ....
*Other Faked News
*Propaganda Or Fact?
posted by EuroYank - Virginia Hoge @ 6:22 AM  
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