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Veteran Health Budget Cuts & Fake Casualty Counts
Thursday, April 20, 2006

Featured Video ...
Image Hosting by*Injured U.S. Soldiers Arrive Home Under Cover of Darkness Video

Official US government reports on soldiers under US command killed in Iraq are so fragmented that they account for less than half of the total number ...

Read more ...
Image Hosting by*Iraq Casualties is Double Official Figures

What Over 40,000 Amputated, Disabled, Permanently
ILL, Returning American Iraq War Vets Face at Home ....

The Republican budget drastically cuts nearly all domestic programs after 2005, an interesting date since the election was 2004, including cuts to critical education and training programs, health care and environmental programs, and veterans' medical programs.

Additionally, we are a country at war, yet in his budget the President provides no funding for the war in Iraq. This simply defies logic.

Two years after the invasion of Iraq, images of wounded troops arriving in the United States are almost as hard to find as pictures of caskets from Dover Air Force Base military mortuary in Delaware. That's because all the transport is done literally in the dark, and in most cases, photos are banned.

The Pentagon has tried to minimize public access to images and information that might drain Americans' tolerance for the war. The Pentagon is taking steps to minimize the exposure of the costs of war.

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Image Hosting by*The unseen cost of war: American minds
Image Hosting by*Invisible wounded: Casualties of Iraq War

This Nation has gone from a projected $5.6 trillion surplus in 2001 to a projected $2.9 trillion deficit in 2011, as the gentleman so eloquently stated in his opening remarks.

This year's deficit is fast approaching $500 billion and will only continue to grow under the GOP budget.

Read more ...
Image Hosting by*American Class War Continues

What happens when a federal agency insists that its budget is in order and then less than two months later admits, well, that it's $1 billion in the hole?

Read more ...
Image Hosting by*VA admits it's in a $1 billion hole

Radical Republicans have treated the VA as if it were Social Security, Medicare, or welfare: an unnecessary program that ought to be cut out of the national budget.

The President's budget will force the VA to cut staff and services, and will limit access to care among the current and soon-to-be Veterans.

Read more ...
Image Hosting by*Underfunded VA

Neocon Class War

President Bush has already spent over $200 billion on the Iraq War.

The ongoing costs of the Iraq occupation costs roughly $1 billion a week (the same amount that Bush wants to cut from the yearly VA budget).

President Bush (if re-elected) will in all likelihood need another $200 billion to pay for the total reconstruction of Iraq since he just spent $200 destroying it. This may be a low estimate.

President Bush, to his evident glee, recently passed a $350 billion tax cut. (Just think, he could have proposed a $349 billion tax cut and left the Veterans Affairs budget alone).

President Bush and an array of Republican special interests, with much fanfare and pride, just passed what was to have been a $350 billion Medicare prescription drug program. Whoops!

It turns out someone who is in charge of the White House calculator must have pressed the wrong buttons and the Medicare program is now estimated that it will cost not $350 billion, but rather $550 billion. Oh well, what’s a $200 billion error?

(Did someone get fired for that minor mathematical boo-boo? Of course not.
They just got threatened with firing if they told Congress about the mistake). Congressional leaders said they would not have voted for the bill if they knew it would be quite that pricey. Doesn’t matter anyway.

Nearly all of the $550 billion will end up in the coffers of the pharmaceutical industry and the health insurance industry, Bush’s most ardent campaign contributors.

Returning Iraq Veterans will be welcomed home and face an overwhelmed, understaffed, underfunded, and cut VA Hospital System.
Senior citizens will see at the very best a paltry benefit that is confusing, complex and virtually impossible to understand. In the shadow of all this, President Bush will squeeze another $1 billion from the Veterans Affairs budget. Yes, that makes sense.

Read more ...
Image Hosting by*Veteran Affairs Budget Slashed by One Billion

False Casualty Reports

As of January 2005, the true casualty figures of Iraq was around 6,000 servicemen killed and 48,000 wounded. Totaling 54,000. If my figures are accurate then the pentagon is only reporting, making public 20% of the casualties.

Many people will state this cannot be possible. They cannot hide that amount. Vietnam was a good reflection initially 6,000 Kia were reported later that rose to 58,000 and later a further 40,000 were deemed missing in action . So if Vietnam is anything to judge, then most certainly casualty figures are manipulated for public consumption.

Where You Die Makes A Difference
Bush does not count soldiers who die en route to hospital or in hospital in Germany as deaths. This means the true death count of American soldiers is over five times higher than Bush is reporting.

Read more ...
Image Hosting by*US Military Report:Bush’s Achilles Heel
Image Hosting by*Faked American Death Count
Image Hosting by*False Casualty Figures

Our Latest Iraq War Dead
Personal Profiles ...
Image Hosting by*Long May We Remember Them

posted by EuroYank - Virginia Hoge @ 10:20 PM  
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